30-year of ideas, insights and intelligence gleaned from marketing most everything, every way, far beyond Mad men mode

From mascots to movie-tie-ins to man-on-street buzz for the likes of AT&T, Gore-Tex, Taco Bell, PepsiCo, GrubHub & more, there are few big rocks Rob’s left unturned. He’s crafted clever concepts to build brands and drive sales, for Fortune 500 and fortunate start-ups. After running creative teams at Wunderman/Y&R and then co-leading a division of Frankel/Publicis as SVP/Executive Creative Director, Rob founded Bandwidth Marketing Group in 2005. He was adjunct faculty at Columbia College, Chicago, he's spoken on marketing at Northwestern University, DePaul, and various industry events, and he is a frequent commentator in his own household much to his wife’s chagrin.

“Rob is a creative genius. Who said creating brand awareness is a new market in less than 18 months wasn’t possible in B2B? Obviously, they don’t know Rob. Our brand awareness and target customer engagement has nothing short of remarkable..”
Tracy Shickel, Past Marketing Director, Gore Pharmbio