At Clients, Conferences, Panels

In his not-so-spare time, Rob shares his insights on marketing with audiences nationally. He’s highlighted new creative ideas at industry events and online outlets; he’s lectured at college campuses on issues including the ‘new agency model’ in the evolving tactical output world; he’s led brainstorms for the likes of Frito-Lay, Wrigley Gum, and more. And he’s heard every week on The IdeaPod on iTunes.

What else does Rob have to share?

  • insights on effective integrated marketing and the art and science of the right tactical mix
  • big creative campaigns and what it takes to make a big idea bigger on-street, online & in-store
  • brainstorming techniques combined with facilitator skills (all without touching a laser pointer)
  • Twitter talks, in 140 characters or less

“Brilliant, wildly creative and hilarious are the three words that I would use for Rob… A great friend to his friends and helpful on so many levels I would strongly recommend him for any project where marketing, advertising and promoting something in a unique, high profile and successful way is the objective and a creative approach is the hurdle.”

– David Upson, Managing Director, CTC Consulting

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